New Dexter promos!

There’s a new teaser and promo ad out for Dexter. Are you as anxious as I am for the new season?



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The Briefly Dexter 100-Word Drabble Challenge

The new show Parenthood in a very roundabout way brought me to the show Dexter, a drama about a vigilante serial killer.  As with most niche shows, the fandom is a small one.  So, I decided to create the the Briefly Dexter 100-Word Drabble Challenge.  For fanfic writers, drabbles (or 100-word stories) can be a fun way to explore plot bunnies that are short on meat.  Also, they can be a welcomed challenge in being brief while still telling a quality story.  For fanfic readers, drabbles can be the fanfic equivalent of a quickie–and well-crafted ones often pack a very tart punch.

In invite you to join the fun at the link above!

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This is one more corner of the xmarisolx webverse. I am a participant in the fanfic community, and my fandoms have roamed over time. But hopefully, I’ll post things of interest to you and you can join my communities all over the interwebs. Nice to meet you and stick around.

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